Premium Care Plan

Plan Details

The Premium plan includes the following services each month unless otherwise noted.  Some services are on an annual basis rather than a monthly basis.  Anything that is not offered monthly or has an additional caveat to it, has an asterisk marked next to it.

Premium Plan Services

  • Software Core Upgrades

  • Software Plugin Upgrades

  • Premium Plugin Licenses

  • Database cleaning and optimization

  • Preventative Maintenance

  • Uptime Monitoring

  • Monitor Software License, Domain, and Hosting Renewal

  • Daily Website Backups

  • Security Scanning

  • Security and Recovery Plan

  • Training Video Updates

  • Monthly Maintenance and Security Report

  • Cancel Anytime, No Long Term Contracts

  • 90 minutes of Support Time*

  • Client's Choice Project Goal**

  • Scan and Fix Broken Links

  • Website Speed Optimization

  • Monthly Website Performance Audit Report

  • Monthly Coaching Calls & Advice over Zoom***

Caveats and Exceptions

*Any work that exceeds the time allotted for the month, will be charged at the standard WP Sec Dev rate.

** We will create goals in the Monthly Coaching Calls and work towards one goal of your choice for the year, providing continual incremental improvements to your site to meet the goal chosen.  If additional goals are desired, they can be added on as a new project by filling out a new website worksheet.

***Monthly coaching and strategy calls are limited to 60 minutes.  Any call that exceeds the time allotted for the month or additional calls during the month will be charged at the standard WP Sec Dev rate.