There are some conditions we require before working with you

You Have Security as a Top Priority

There is no easy way to say this, but if you are not serious about the Security of your site, then you are not serious about your Business.

We will be recommending Security measures, plans, and habits that may change the way you currently work. We focus on making those changes as convenient as possible, but they are to the benefit of the livelihood of your business and we would not strongly recommend them if we thought they were unnecessary. We do not intend to let your business be low hanging fruit for a bot attack or an amateur hack that could have been prevented by simple and necessary changes.

You Have Goals or Milestones

You need goals or milestones so that we know where we are headed, how we are going to get there, and most importantly so we know when we have arrived.

Goals and milestones that are not clearly defined lead to wild scope creep and uncontrollable budget increases that could have been easily prevented with better goals and planning. This kind of situation is not fair to either of us, so it is worth your time and money to establish some clear goals and milestones before we begin talking.

You Have a Budget

If you really want to have a great online business, you’re going to need to invest some cash. That’s just the way it is.

You don’t need to re-mortgage your house but you are going to need to treat this as an investment, because you will see returns when you combine what we do with implementing best practices that we recommend you embrace.

You Have Time

This project is going to require your time. In certain instances, we will need to have your feedback before proceeding on something or we will need to tackle certain tasks together.

We don't want to have delays in finishing the project because we couldn't get a hold of you or a meeting we scheduled was canceled and/or moved week after week. If you think this is going to be an issue, we recommend you temporarily hire an Assistant to help you in other aspects of your business so that you can have the time to focus on this project.

You Have a Growth Mindset

Having a positive attitude about changes that are going to bring your business growth is imperative!

Change is not easy and transitions can be painful. We will do everything in our power to make these changes and transitions go smoothly and with the least amount of pain on your part, but you will need to stay positive throughout the process, because what we are accomplishing together is hard work. We aren't afraid of this work and we believe in you even if its hard to believe in yourself when growing pains test your mettle.

Apply Now If These Conditions Work for You!