The DL Rage Podcast Project

The DL Rage Podcast Website

This site was designed for The DL Rage Podcast.  This website had been previously living on and was in need of a more modern update with options to allow more listener interaction with the cohosts.  The purpose of the site is to let listeners look back at show notes for resources mentioned, submit their own audio to the podcast, as well as to just stay connected to the podcast in between episode releases.  Podcasts can take a substantial amount of research, recording and editing time between episode releases.  Usually listeners want more in that in between time and with a website like this, the cohosts can easily update what is in the works or field their research into future episodes directly from their subscribers.  This podcast has also noticed that their audience on Facebook is a different one than those that go to the website for information, so with the new changes cross over between the audiences is likely to occur.

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