Let's Keep Our Connection Going After the Conference!

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Laura Gannon

PO Box 1314
Santa Clara, CA 95054
t: 408.475.2279
My Résumé

It was great to meet you at the 2017 SWE Conference in Austin, TX!  If you are here, it's because you had a chance to NFC scan my business card and we had a great conversation about collaborating on projects, how we could mutually benefit one another with our connections, or maybe we just hit it off and have no idea how we can help one another, but are open to some future collaboration.  Here's the information that just did not fit on my business card, where you can find the various ways we can connect and the projects I have been working on this year!

My Labors of Love

  • Providing WordPress Security Solutions for anyone who needs assistance recovering their hacked site or needs their site hardened, as well as a Security, Recovery and ongoing Care Plans.
  • Providing Web Design and Development Services for Small Businesses that need a WordPress Expert or are in need of a Website that will do a lot of work for them.
  • Currently mentoring a fellow SWE Member who is interested in moving from R&D into Project Management
  • Currently mentoring a High School Senior who is interested in Game Design
  • In the planning stages of launching a site dedicated to helping those of us coined as "Diversity Hires" to succeed in Tech.  Currently looking for stories where people from diverse backgrounds who have overcome adversity in their careers, what the adversity was, what kept them motivated to succeed, how they were able to overcome it, and what pearls of wisdom they wish they knew and want others to know.  Identifying details are not required for this.  If you are interested in contributing, but wish to contribute anonymously, we can arrange that!

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