Coz Knits?!

A Screen Shot of the Coz Knits Website

A Screen Shot of the Coz Knits Web SiteThis is my website where I talk about my knitting hobby. I did a major redesign on it in 2015 using the WordPress Theme Twenty Fourteen and adjusting the color schemes. I also started the process of monetizing this site, so I did a lot of customizations to allow rotating Ads with Ad Management in prime locations.

In addition to this, I have been working on the security of my personal website since 2003.  I have done all the same things to this website that I did to The Sweep Spot Podcast website as well as the following:

  1. Installed a Membership plugin that leverages the WordPress role system.
  2. Created a plugin to keep content enclosed within a section of a post private and only available to those who subscribe.  I also leveraged roles against this, so that there were more privileges to viewing more protected content the higher the subscriber’s role was.
  3. Changed the prefix to the WordPress database so that it is not wp_, which prevents against database attacks.
  4. Changed the wp-login.php page’s name.
  5. Long urls with unusual characters are restricted from being shown or processed through the database, this is another way to attack the site or attempt to get into the backend of it.